Playoff Predictions after Week 15 (NFC edition)

You can read about my AFC predictions here.


The NFC playoff picture is done and dusted, and week 16 will be a mere exhibition for all playoff bound teams. We shall see which team rests their players and which teams believe that playing time is crucial in developing momentum.

NFC Wild-Card Round

Philadelphia Eagles versus Dallas Cowboys


Will the Cowboys actually break their jinx and win a match in the postseason? If that were to ever happen in this lifetime, I doubt it would be this year. The Eagles look to be gaining steam at the right time and are playing well on offense with or without Brian Westbrook. The Dallas Cowboys still look erratic, although Tony Romo is showing maturity in handling the famed December meltdown.

Prediction: Eagles 21, Cowboys 14

Arizona Cardinals versus Green Bay Packers

This match would actually take place twice in a row, as they would face each other come week 16. The Green Bay defense is playing their best football in recent memory, and Aaron Rodgers have proven he can be a leader. Now let’s see how he leads in the playoffs. Green Bay to win in a shootout.

Prediction: Green Bay 39, Arizona 34

NFC Divisional Round

New Orleans Saints versus Philadelphia Eagles

 Should the Saints be worried about their two game losing streak? I say no. This team may be inexperienced in the playoffs, but they have leaders who have been there before and can rally the team. Drew Brees and Darren Sharper are veterans and essential to the team’s success not only by their performance, but also by how well they can motivate the team.

Prediction: Saints 41, Eagles 27

Minnesota Vikings versus Green Bay Packers

How much of a feud is there between star quarterback Brett Favre and coach Brad Childress? Viking fans should hope that it wasn’t much. The Vikings and Packers are evenly matched with playmakers catching the ball, and studs on defense. The one thing that the Vikings have that the Packers don’t? A certain player with the initials A.P. Favre to do a trey on his old team!

Prediction: Vikings 25, Packers 18

NFC Championship

New Orleans Saints versus Minnesota Vikings

Unlike the AFC, the NFC championship will be the two top ranked teams from the conference. Brett Favre likes to throw it, so does Drew Brees. The Saints have more playmakers on defense though. This should be a match for the ages, but the Saints will probably come out on top, while Favre and Childress exchange punches on the sidelines (only half kidding!).

Prediction: Saints 32, Vikings 30


New Orleans Saints versus Cincinnati Bengals

The grandest stage of them all! The black and gold of the Saints will take the field on a Starlit February night in Miami to take on the orange and black stripes of the Bengals. I think the New Orleans Saints will outmatch the bengals where it matters, with Brees putting up 200+ yards while the Bengals cannot get their run game going.

Prediction: Saints 26, Bengals 10

Superbowl Champions: New Orleans Saints

The end of a fairytale story that started shortly after Hurricane Katrina. The team have boosted the morale of a city and state that needed something to cheer for.


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